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Village Jeweler has been creating beautiful custom pieces since the store opened in 1987.

Their reputation for quality materials, exceptional design and fine workmanship is unparalleled, bringing people back time and time again.

Steps to Creating a Custom Masterpiece

The magnificent 12x10mm emerald shown here was a family heirloom gift to a Village Jeweler client. Unhappy with the dated setting, and the way the ring sat on her finger, the client wanted a new, updated style that would enhance the emerald, feel comfortable on her finger and complement her hand. Together, she and store owner Richard Felder searched through style books and magazines to find the perfect overall style. Then Richard sketched the ring, making changes and adjustments along with the client. Diamonds were added on the top and sides to enhance the emerald and style of the new 14kt. yellow gold setting.

Once the sketches and specifications for each custom piece are approved by the client, they are put in the hands of a CAD (computer-aided design) specialist, who creates highly detailed computer images showing all angles of the piece.

From here, a wax mold is created, from which the mounting is made. Each stone is then carefully hand-set and the piece receives a final polish before being presented to the client. The entire process takes several weeks.

Once clients experience a custom designed piece, whether it's a ring, necklace, bracelet or brooch, from Village Jeweler, they almost invariably return for more.

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